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Virginia Draghi

Founder & Head Coach


Virginia's first encounter with pole was in 2010 in her home country, Italy, and it was love at first spin.

Her busy job schedule as a stage hand in the music business kept her from training pole seriously, but when she moved in Canada in 2011, she decided to fully commit to it.

After years of training in 2015 she entered her first competition and placed 3rd in the Semi Pro division at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship.  

But this was just the start.


Since then, Virginia developed her signature pole style, which she taught to hundreds of students in her hometown Winnipeg, and across Canada;

Her passion for pole space from Pole Sport, to Artistic pole, Low Flow and Floorwork, and all in between. 

Virginia is an endorsed IPSF coach and certified IPSF judge. She also judged numerous Pole Sport Organization competitions. 

In 2021, Virginia decided it was time to take her love for pole a step further and founded Pole’s [R]evolution. 

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Certifications and training


Vertical Dance Pole Fitness training (beginner)

Vertical Dance Pole Fitness training (intermediate)

Vertical Dance Pole fitness training (advanced)

IPSF Certified Judge (2016-Current)

IPSF Pole sports Coach (Current)

IPSF Code of points certification

IPSF Anatomy, Physiology and biomechanics certification 

CPR/AED/First Aid certificate (current)



2nd place, 2023 PSO Canada East, Championship level 5 (pro division)

3rd Place Canadian Pole Sports Championship 2021(Pole Sport, Elite Senior Women)

1st place PSO Pisces 2021 Artistic Level 5 (Pro Division)

2nd Place PSO Scorpio 2020 Championship Level 5 (Pro division)

2nd place PSO Canada East Championship 2019  Level 5 (Pro division)

1st place PSO Canada East Championship 2018 Junior/ Senior Level 4

4th Place Vertical Love 2016 Pro 

3rd place 2015 CPFC semi pro


Shows and collaborations:


2021: Cast in Street Circus production: “Dead of Winter”

2016: Cast in Frostbite Circus production: “Heartache Hotel”

2015: Cast in Frostbite Circus production: “The Prism Cabaret”

2014: Featured in Trouser Mouth music video “Big Ass Truck”

2014: Cast in Frostbite Circus production: “The Blacksmith’s ball”


Accomplishment as coach:

Thong Pham:

1st Place PSO Canada West 2019 Championship level 2

1st Place Canadian Pole Sports Championship 2021 (Pole sport Amateur Senior Men)


Anna Muzaleva

1st Place PSO Scorpio 2020 Down To Flow Level 1


Amanda Leslie:

1st Place PSO Scorpio 2020 Dramatic Level 1


Erin Simmons:

2st Place PSO Scorpio 2020 Exotic Level 1

1st Place PSO Pisces 2021 Exotic Level 2


Justine Sane:

1st Place PSO Scorpio 2020 Exotic Level 2

Jennifer Mei:

1st Place PSO Taurus 2022 Championship Level 2



1st Place PSO Taurus 2022 Exotic Level 2


Amelia Gandara:

1st Place PCS 2022 Amateur L3/L4 

Bevonnie Brown:

2nd place 2023 PSO Canada East, Championship Level 3


Jessica Marsh



Jessica Marsh is a 2x, back to back, Canadian professional pole champion, among other accolades.

Jessica comes from a dance background where she is professionally trained in ballet and contemporary. She is an XPERT-certified instructor and has completed courses through the International Pole Sports Federation and the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada.

Jessica has over a decade of experience teaching dance, pole and fitness classes. Her favourite part of being an instructor is watching her students ‘light up’ with joy when they’ve finally nailed a move that they once thought was impossible! 

Jessica continues to compete in pole on an elite, international scale and performs at various local events.

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Pole Awards & Accomplishments:

2022 1st Place, Professional, CPAC Canadian National Champion

2022 PCS at the Arnold's Sports Festival Professional Finalist

2021 1st Place, Professional, CPFA Canadian National Championship

2020 Pole Evolution Championships Finalist - Representing Canada

2018 1st Runner Up, Elite, North American Pole Dance Championship   

2017 1st Place, Semi Pro,  North American Pole Dance Championship 

2017 2nd Runner Up, Amateur, CPFA Canadian Championships

2016 1st Runner Up, Entry Division, CPFA Canadian Championships 

2016 2nd Runner Up, Essential Division, North American Pole Dance Championship

Principles of Coaching - National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

XPERT Professional Pole Fitness Instructor (Levels 1-4)

2021 International Pole Sports Federation- Code of Points 

WADA High Performance Coaches Education Program

Completed 1,500 hours Apprentice Program under Tara Meyer

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Dance at the University of Winnipeg with a Gold Medal Award Winner for Academic Achievement 

Diploma from the Senior Professional Program at School of Contemporary Dancers

Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR/AED (Level C)


Justin Monton



Justin started pole in 2014 when it was difficult to find alternatives to get fit, and at the same time express a blend of creative artistry and athleticism; strength and flexibility; and express both masculinity, femininity, gender bending, and non-conformist values. This can truly be found through a pole dancing journey. 


A first generation Pilipinx immigrant, Justin offers a world view that pushes buttons, and have been described as blunt and "too much" for some; kind, compassionate, reciprocal, respectful, consensual, mutually attractive, physically safe nonetheless. They promise to apply this on their pole practice as much as they can. Humbly mentioning that Justin placed in a few pole competitions, and performed at many sold out shows locally and nationally. 


A provisional occupational therapist(OT) being one role they truly enjoy, Justin is also trained to apply OT theories in their pole and dance practice. They focus on beginner to intermediate pole and dance moves to solidify the technique and foundation of pole in physical safety. Justin will meet you where you are at, while creatively exploring movement in a safe manner.


Furthermore, Justin specializes in sensual, lyrical, and candle light vibe and style to allow students to effectively share energy; match vibrations; and create something beautiful to put out to the world. However they define beauty accordingly. Creating for ourselves, not for anyone else. 


Tiauni Starr



Tiauni Starr is a Winnipeg based performer specializing in a variety of dance and circus art forms. She has been dancing for most of her life and has a strong passion for the art. During her younger years she studied ballet, jazz, and lyrical and after high school was introduced to the flow arts, which propelled her into her circus journey.

She currently performs on a regular basis at weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and clubs, for a number of
different audiences. Catering each performance to the clients request; which can include fire, LED, stilt walking, aerial, pole, GoGo dancing, or shuffling.

Tiauni actively teaches many different forms of dance. She currently facilitates classes at Poles Revolution, Drop In
Dance, and Monica’s Danz Gym, along with running her own workshops, private lessons, or classes for the flow arts, fire performing and stilt walking.

Hoop Dance Instructor - Hooplovers Australia
Exercise Theory - MFC
Group Fitness Leader - MFC
Zumba Instructor - Zumba
Beginner Pole Instructor - CPFA


Claudia Rodriguez



Claudia has always loved being on stage, starting with classic ballet and jazz classes during her middle and high school years. Sports and dancing have always been a part of her life. After undergoing knee surgery following her pregnancy, Claudia learned about pole dancing during a physiotherapy session in 2011.  
Her pole journey began as a hobby, but it quickly turned into her passion and sport. Balancing training with a full-time job and raising a son hasn't been easy. The pandemic prompted Claudia to explore other skills such as handstands, flexibility, acro-chair, pole exotic, floor work, and various dance styles like Arabian, Indian, and Twerking. Her favourite quote is, "The impossible just takes a little bit longer" (Victoria Rame, Argentina).

Claudia moved to Canada in December 2021 and dedicated herself to achieving her goals. By mid-2023, she returned to a pole studio and decided not only to train as an athlete but also to become a pole instructor, inspired by Virginia's dream.


Awards:2018: 3rd place in Exotic Amateur category, Revolution Colombia Pole Championship2017: 1st place in +40 Female Professional category, IPSF Pole Sport Colombian Championship2014: 3rd place in Female Amateur category, IPSF Pole Sport Colombian Championship

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Anna Protsiou

Choreographer & Media Developer


Anna is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in contemporary dance and contortion. She started dancing at the age of seven training in ballet, but her love for contemporary dance took over when she became a teenager. Since then, she has participated in many workshops and intensives, and has performed in multiple shows.

Her circus journey began by training in contortion and hand-balancing with the ongoing support of her coach and circus artist Samantha Halas. Anna has also trained with Virginia in pole and has worked with her on developing the dance choreography for her 2nd Place winner PSO Scorpio Championship Level 5.

Anna enjoys teaching flexibility, dance and choreography/act development. In 2020, she started working as a social media and website manager for Prairie Circus Arts and she is thrilled she got the opportunity to develop the Pole's Revolution website.

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